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About Us

Thank you for browsing Happy Monkey Gifts.  We are so happy to see you!

We have gifts, gifts and more gifts.  We predominantly use dye sublimation for the printed items, but there are some exceptions, as we have invited other artists to join us in order to give you a fuller gift giving experience. Check back often, we are constantly adding new products and artists to our troop (get it? A troop is a group of monkeys).

Our Artists

Joanne Krapf, Happy Monkey Gifts

Joanne's creative passion has included graphic design, marketing, photography, dye sublimation and more for over 17 years.  She is inspired by positivity, a sense of humor, animals and her family.  

Happy Monkey Gifts is the result of Joanne's love of creating, as well as wanting to have a platform for artists to be able to showcase their talent, too.  She believes that we all need to help each other out to achieve success.

Gaby Harris, Audrey's Anklets

What makes your heart sing? For Gaby Harris, it's her granddaughter Audrey. She named her company, Audrey's Anklets after her. Being a "mompreneur" and now an entrepreneur, her desire is to pass this business on to Audrey and inspire creativity in her journey!


For the past 30 years Gaby has engaged in crafting for profit making tactile baby quilts, hand-painted glassware, and now anklets and bracelets for women and girls. She loves designing unique products that are practical and fun. 


Anklets have always been popular, especially in the 70's when she was growing up. Texture, color and glass are some of her favorite materials, so making her no-clasp anklets and bracelets is a natural fit.

Audrey's Anklets' Gift Boxes are sure to delight the person who receives it.  

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